Sunday, May 6, 2012

birthday continued

Every year for my birthday we go to Hot Springs and eat at my favorite restaurant, The Fisherman's Wharf. Then we always stay at The Embassy Suites. We had plans to continue with our annual tradition but Stephen had to work this weekend so we switched it up this year. This year we ate at Sakura and then stayed at a hotel here in Bryant. I would have skipped the hotel but Sydney knows that when its my birthday we get to go to the hotel! She looks forward to it. I invited my sister Holly to go with us and we had a big slumber party!
 Our cook was hilarious! We have been to this restaurant several times and its always the same show. The cook we had wanted the birthday girl to catch cooked eggs in my mouth. I caught it 3/3 times!! Then I made everyone else try. We laughed sooo hard we had tears!!! No one else caught the eggs!
 Me with the older kids hanging in the hot tub!!!
 The little ones meet some other kids at the hotel and they had a blast. We swam until around 9pm and then we woke up and let them swim some more the next morning.
P.S.  Before we sat down at our table Sydney asked me....Mommy how is it still your birthday?? We all got a good laugh and I told her I like to celebrate all week long!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another year older!

May 2 was my 31st birthday! That doesn't even seem possible! On my birthday we went to Brave new restaurant for dinner and then we took Sydney to watch Disney on Ice. The show was so cute and Sydney loved the show! I looked over once to find her dancing in the aisle to the music. 
 She was super duper happy when Lilo and Stitch came out!
 Sydney with some of her goodies.

 They both were beaming with excitement.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gym star again!


 On March 27, we started back gymnastics. I wanted to make sure she really wanted to go again before we invested in all that goes along with gymnastics. We had many talks about gymnastics over the past few months off and on. When we decided to sign her up again Sydney and I went shopping for some new leotards. She had the best time looking and picking out the ones she liked best. She even asked me at one point to step out of the dressing room and let her do it by herself!!! Of course I just laughed at her. Here are some cute pics of her first day back at gymnastics.

 She jumped in like she never missed a class! She is loving being back in gym!

First swim lesson

Monday, April 9th we started swim lessons. Sydney is taking them at The Center at Bishop park. She ha been nervous about what they expect her to do and she has been asking a lot of questions leading up to this day. Initially when she got in the water she was okay and happy but when it was one on one with the teacher she clammed up and got teary eyed! Her teacher Ms. Emily was so sweet and patient with her and let her hang on her for a little while and let Sydney watch the other kids in the group practice.
 She started to relax and tried what Ms. Emily asked her to do!
 Having a blast now! Enjoying the company of her friend Sydney Burnett.
 Practicing kicking and swimming arms.
 At the end of the lesson each kid got to jump off the side of the pool into the pool to Ms. Emily. I was surprised to see Sydney jump. She really opened up so fast. I was excited to see her learning new things and not scared to try something she hasn't done before! One proud momma!
Ms. Emily is so patient and very diligent about keeping her eyes on her group! She even saved a little girl in another group that was going under! We are thankful to have her as our teacher!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

gone fishing!

 On Sunday we invited the Burnett's to come over and fish at Stephens parents lake. The girls enjoyed being country for the day! There wasn't much fishing by the girls but they had a blast playing in the water, digging in the dirt/sand and flying a kite. Ron was the only lucky one to catch any fish but it was a great day in the sun!
 The girls enjoyed torturing the minnows!
 Baby Isabella enjoyed relaxing in the shade. Sydney loves her Isabella! She cant keep her hands off of her when she is around.

Pinnacle Mtn

 Saturday we set out to climb Pinnacle Mtn. for the first time. We fully expected to get halfway up and have to come back down. I was so surprised when she just took off and led the way. She was not scared at ALL! We got to marker 8 or 9 and I made her stop. The next part seemed to go straight up. This was the only time she whined. She wanted to continue with her daddy and go to the top. She was so proud of herself! We will have to plan another trip before it gets too hot!
 Family pic

 She made it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I wanted to write this down so I wouldnt forget. Sunday night (Easter April 24, 2011) Nina handed Sydney a pair of white bunny earrings. Sydney came into the living room and told me that she was going to get her ears pierced this saturday. WHAT? where did this come from?

I took her today to look at earrings and show her the "gun" and talk about what will happen. She acted like it was no big deal.....lets do this! Up until now when I would ask her about getting her ears pierced she would automatically say NO. She is fully aware of the process because she keeps repeating that she will get her ears pierced and its going to hurt.

So this weekend with daddys help we will take her to get her ears pierced!!! EEKK.

Momma is going cry!