Sunday, May 6, 2012

birthday continued

Every year for my birthday we go to Hot Springs and eat at my favorite restaurant, The Fisherman's Wharf. Then we always stay at The Embassy Suites. We had plans to continue with our annual tradition but Stephen had to work this weekend so we switched it up this year. This year we ate at Sakura and then stayed at a hotel here in Bryant. I would have skipped the hotel but Sydney knows that when its my birthday we get to go to the hotel! She looks forward to it. I invited my sister Holly to go with us and we had a big slumber party!
 Our cook was hilarious! We have been to this restaurant several times and its always the same show. The cook we had wanted the birthday girl to catch cooked eggs in my mouth. I caught it 3/3 times!! Then I made everyone else try. We laughed sooo hard we had tears!!! No one else caught the eggs!
 Me with the older kids hanging in the hot tub!!!
 The little ones meet some other kids at the hotel and they had a blast. We swam until around 9pm and then we woke up and let them swim some more the next morning.
P.S.  Before we sat down at our table Sydney asked me....Mommy how is it still your birthday?? We all got a good laugh and I told her I like to celebrate all week long!

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